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The Vds certified ABB /Entrelec Pressure Switches ...
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Docs & Specs
Docs & Specs
The Vds certified ABB Entrelec Pressure Switches

Diaphragm switch, VdS approved
Type: FF-16-G1/2   ;  Range: 4 ~ 16 BAR
Type: FF-16-G1/2   ;  Range: 2.5 ~ 16 BAR
Type: FF-1-G1/2    ;  Range: 0.5 ~ 1.5 BAR

The FF pressure switch design is based on 40 years of know-how and is an example for consequent quality oriented development. This long experience allows us to produce and deliver perfectly and reliably working devices.

FF pressure switches meet today’s state of the art and fulfill every single demand that can be posed by modern applications. The ingenious construction without linkages or pivot points and with only a few moving parts offers many excellent features.

Pressure switches FF1...300 GL are certified to GL (Germanischer Lloyd). The certification number is 40137 - 01 HH. With 7 pressure ranges from 1 to 300 bar they cover almost any needs of the shipbuilding industry.
Use this advantage and benefit from the quality and the reliability of the FF pressure switches.
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